Dr. Karl Ulrich Volz

Dr. Ulrich Volz

Dr. Karl Ulrich Volz

Ceramic implant pioneer, currently the most influential biological dentist, owner of the Swiss Biohealth Group

Dr. Karl Ulrich Volz is former president of the ISMI (International Society of Metal free Implantology e.V.), founder of the Bodensee Zahnklinik and the Tagesklinik Konstanz. In 2001 he developed the first marketable ceramic implant and has developed all implant forms for the company SDS Swiss Dental Solutions for a wide range of indications and has himself used most ceramic implants worldwide.

Through this pioneering work, he has become probably the most experienced and best-known biological dentist in Europe at the present time and has developed unique treatment methods and surgical concepts, which only became possible by adding biological and immunological build-up and accompanying protocols. His treatment successes, publications and international lectures have triggered a new trend in dentistry and have led to a large proportion of his patients being dentists, doctors and alternative practitioners. Dr. Karl Ulrich Volz is head of the biological dental department at the Swiss Biohealth Clinic in Kreuzlingen / Schweiz.

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