Eberhard Wagemann

Eberhard WagemannEberhard Wagemann

Highest yogi level, ultra-athlete and holder of multiple world records, super-renovator (including Uhrenwerke GlashĂĽtte)

daredevil | mentor | visionary

As a management consultant, restructurer and innovator, he will bring success and sustainability to your company with a fresh breeze and a unique spirit of optimism.

Based on his extreme sports experience, he developed his unique approach to energy potential development for entrepreneurs. He will show you how to achieve top entrepreneurial performance at the highest energy level and at the same time pay attention to mental and physical well-being. In other words, he shows you how to successfully cross boundaries and feel at ease.

As a mentor and business coach, he supports large companies, CEOs, medium-sized entrepreneurs and top athletes. He regularly conducts workshops, individual and corporate coaching and (business) energy retreats, which are extremely popular.

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